Wednesday, 22 June 2016

7 things I wish I knew before starting to blog

The following are the things you must know before stating a blog as I did'nt knew them when I started my Blogs, so I want all the new bie bloggers to know it.
Users are not waiting to come to my blog:
I wish users were smarter and they got to know about start of a great blog as soon as the blog started. But unfortunately that does not happen and they need to be told about the blog again and again before they bookmark it.
Everything takes a hell lot of time
Getting google to index pages and send traffic, building twitter followers or a powerful stumbleupon profile, getting admitted into adsense and everything else will take a lot longer than what I had thought. Checking the stats 20 times in an hour does not help.
Google is pathetic at recognizing good content –
If google bot were a person, it will be one of the stupidest user of my blog. Posts written after hours of research do not even get indexed while posts that were put together in 10 minutes time have reached number one position and driven crazy amount of traffic and earned me loads of time.
There will be time when I do not feel like posting
All of us face the writer’s block at some point of time or the other. It helps to have a co author as he/she can keep the blog going while you struggle to complete even a single post. Otherwise keep additional posts ready for such times.
Fellow bloggers are way more nice than I can imagine
If you think about it most of us bloggers compete for the same traffic. Yet we link to each other’s content, stumble and do everything that we can to help the other guy. It may not sound a lot but on a day when I am completely down on spirit, a nice gesture like this helps get the smile back and has been one of the biggest motivators to keep me writing.
The theme mattersA LOT
This is one mistake that I think most geeks make. We love writing the core algorithm and never care much about the front end.  No wonder my blog always had a horrible look (the theme sucks even now) and I believed that it does not matter. Only after I saw a post about blogging without passion on Shoutmeloud, I was surprised to see how much more impressive the post looked. Shoutmeloud is a very good blog by Harsh Aggarwal, through shoutmeloud only I got all the important tips and tricks to start my own Blog.
Denial can kill my blog :
Sometimes we do not get something important. I did not get the importance of themes and I did not get the importance of social media including twitter. That is OK. But what is not OK is the fact that I got into denial about the importance of these two things and convinced myself that they do not matter. What is it that you are in denial of? The importance of SEO, need of better monetization method for your blog. Hope you will get out of the denial today itself and start working on things that are important for your blog.
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