Wednesday, 22 June 2016

5 Effective Ways to Connect to Professional Bloggers

Every blogger starts career alone but sooner or later he want to start his own network of blogs or want to connect with successful and pro-bloggers, with whom he can achieve the goals. It is always better to connect with other bloggers whom you think are ideal for you and who can give you a new twist to your blogging career.
You should never think that a blogger is successful only if he is earning good income, he should be a nice person to work with. Connecting with such a successful blogger might be a problem for newbie, but there are few tips to attract your ideal blogger with whom you want to work or who can help you in your blogging career.
Every one knows a difference between a Professional blogger and part-time blogger. Professional blogger has to deal with lots of things like writing articles, promoting brand,search engine optimization, networking, advertisement sells and many other activities. In the end blogging is bread and butter for pro-bloggers.
Know them properly
As I said, Successful blogger is not only one who can earn money by hook or crook. I came across bloggers who offered me to work with them but I never liked the way they use to work for making money online. You must only connect to bloggers who have passion to work and highly determined to achieve their goals in ethical way; after all it’s about your blogging career.
Praise them
It is always good to praise others for their work. But again, it should be a genuine one. Bloggers keep track about whatever is said about them. So, write about them, compliment them and they will love to respond you.
Communicate With Blogger
This is the key for getting noticed by successful bloggers. Ask them for help if you have any problems, one can ask them about their blogging career and how to go ahead in blogging career. However it is always better to communicate when they are free and therefore one should ask which is good time to contact with them.
Implement their advice
Asking questions with your ideal bloggers is not enough. They will only help you if you will implement their ideas. If successful bloggers share blogging secrets with you and when you give them good results, they will be glad that they played their part in your journey to a successful blogging career.
Understand his Time Value
Blogger's Time is Valuable
Most of blogger once connect with a pro-blogger tries to talk to them every time they see him/her online. Understand the value of his time and with pinging him every time you might be making him to delete you or block you from the list. Most of the people think that such bloggers are Egoistic and impolite. Truth is being a Professional blogger is not easy, and one find it hard to give you all the time. So when you get a chance to interact with them, try to ask only important questions, which answer you can’t find on web. Being professional you can win anyone heart. This is normal human psychology and I’m sure it will work for you too.
These are very basic things to know when it comes to connecting with successful bloggers. Just remember be polite and professional while communicating and be passionate to work on tips provided by successful bloggers.
Do let us know how do you connect with Professional bloggers? Do they answer you politely or they ignore your messages?
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